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PT Segoro Mas Solo is  an exporter and furniture manufacturer from Solo, Central java  Indonesia. Our ranges product is indoor and outdoor furniture made from teak and reclaim teak.

PT Segoro Mas Solo have been establish since 1999. Our factory is located in solo with wide area 10.000M2. The factory is supported with modern wood working machineries and high quality control in each process in the production in our line of production.

PT Segoro Mas Solo have been FSC certificed for our recycle teak since 2010 and SVLK Certificed since 2013. Both of Certificed is used to make sure and certify that the wood we use to make the furniture is comes from legal wood with legal system administration start from source of material, production process ‘till the selling process. That is to proof of our concern about environmental issues. With our participant in the FSC and SVLK , we participate in forest conservation in the world, especially in Indonesia.

Our product is enviromental friendly principly with RESPONSIBLE BY RE-CYCLE-ABLE, RE-USE-ABLE AND REDUCE-ABLE with our commitment is plant 100 of tree from our each container delivery. We dedicate some of our profit to keep the earth green by plant the tree, it could be teak tree or other kind of tree. Depend on the product in the container delivery.  So with this program, Segoro mas has support the Indonesia goverment program for GO GREEN. Indonesia is one of the earth lungs which has large forest in the world, it has supply big oxygen for the world, so one of our vision by done this business is KEEP THE EARTH GREEN.

PT Segoro Mas Solo is focused on customer satisfaction for good quality of product, good price and good time of delivery. Our quality team controls every item in each stage of production, and analyzed both new existing models. The combination of an original and personalized design, with reliability and a continuously high quality present for customer satisfaction.

We have wide range of design but we are so flexible on it because our  indoor and outdoor furniture  is should be meet to the customer need. We are able to present you more models for the furniture in different styles with a good designer for each new design for our customer and it’s free. On the process we will make you a technical drawing to be approved. So we know well what the customer wants. We are committed to contribute to market and organizational issues. As profiles of buyers are very different, from retailers to wholesalers, from specialists to traders, we spend a lot of time listening and trying to find what is really needed.

All we have done is nothing !!!  Without presented you our BEST QUALITY, BEST PRICE and BEST TIME DELIVERY.PT Segoro Mas Solo is committed to be much more than just a supplier of more commodity. Attaching great value from the company for long term bussines relationships. We are solution for your problem related with your furniture buying. No More worried because we issued 100% money back GUARANTEE product from all factory damage. We would like to take full responsibility for any future possible claims regarding the quantity and quality of the product were in conformity with the buyer requirements.

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