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Buying On Internet – Choosing Product

After discuss about how to choose Trusted Seller when buying on internet, next part is how to choose the product that you want to buy. Choosing Product is the important part of buying and selling. Many people has a different product need, therefore a company or manufacturer are have their product with many type and [...]

Buying On Internet – Trusted Seller

The global technology always growing up and spread out to many region. One of global technology is internet. Internet can connect us to many people in the world without having a meet. Internet mostly used to be a social network, buying and selling, wireless communication, promotion media, and many more useful function. In our case, [...]

Furniture History Part II

After discuss about Furniture History Part I that showing Neolithic Period and Classical World furniture story. It’s showing a classic story and how simple the furniture from long age ago. Now we will discuss the next part, more history about furniture. Early Modern Europe In the middle age, furniture generally was heavy, using oak as [...]

Furniture History Part I

The existence of furniture has been known since the development of non-nomadic cultures. Furniture survives from Neolithic Period and after antiquity having evidence like paintings, wall paints like an wall Mural found in Pompeii, and some statue. Neolithic Period In the Neolithic Period, furniture has been excavated in a village in Skara Brae known exist [...]

Teak Wood’s Tree

Behind the high quality of teak, teak has long-straight tree typical. This typical make furniture manufacturer more prefer using teak than other kind of wood. Caused by the straight trunk, teak will be more easy to shape without any other  wasting sawmill activities. Usually teak tree can growth in areas with rainfall of 1500-2000 mm/year [...]

Using Teak As Cabinet and Buffet Material

There’s question “why we choose teak wood as material of cabinet and buffet?“.  Teak wood is the best quality in any kind of wood. Many furniture manufacturer using teak as main furniture material. But why they choose teak wood? Why not other kind of wood? So, let’s know. Quality of Teak wood, no doubt, teak [...]

Unique Facts of Teak Wood

Teak wood have the best quality than other wood. This caused by it’s strength, durability, and easy to decor. Many order for this teak as this wood was rare in the forest. Now let’s see how unique this kind of wood. 1. Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis), can growth until centuries. The height can reach 40-50 [...]

Why Teak Wood was Expensive

Teak wood is the most famous teak of the centuries. If we compare teak wood with other furniture subtance, teak wood is the best of it. So, what makes the teak wood expensive is simple. Actually teak wood need long age to growth and can be harvested. It need more than 10 years to be [...]

Considering the Usage of Wood Living Room Set

Wood living room set – Choosing furniture to be put inside of a room can be quite a fuss for some people. There are a lot of people who think about a lot of details regarding the furniture. In many times, a lot of people are thinking about buying the furniture set to be put. [...]

Tips to Restore Teak Furniture

The furniture that we put in our house is more than just decoration. We need the furniture to complete the house and to make our life more comfortable. To get the furniture that is beautiful and durable, we need high quality wood as the material of the furniture. the teak wood  is one of the [...]