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A Glance of Teak Wood Furniture in Indonesia

These days, teak wood furniture is popular mong furniture lover in the whole world.  Teak wood furniture furnishes indoor living, outdoor space, no exception it is also one of the most selected as office furniture. This can be happened since people know the benefit of teak as wood furniture which started back then hundred years ago. [...]

Simple Outdoor Furniture

Bench is a simple yet comfortable seating provided in mostly public spaces, for example on the garden in central park in the downtown. Benches enable to provide comfortable seating area in open spaces, whether for yourself or with friends. Otherwise, bench is outdoor furniture that allows more people to sit on it at the same [...]

Teak Furniture in Modern and Classic

Furniture selection following of what style applied in the house. Therefore, people usually choose particular style of furniture; whether it is modern or classic, then adjust them with the style and design of home interior.

How to Maintain Teak Furniture

Teak is known for its very high durability. That’s why many manufacturers choose teak wood as the material for making furniture, either for indoor or outdoor decoration. However if not treated properly, your teak furniture will lose its beauty. Here are some tips to maintain your teak furniture. Rub your furniture with a smooth brush [...]