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Price of Lumber – Tips To Buy Quality Lumber

Price of lumber – Lumber is a basic for various projects and it is also an essential material for home maintenance, home construction, and furniture projects. Many people realize that price of lumber is expensive. So, before you buy lumber for your project, you need to consider several things you must avoid when buying lumber in order [...]

Manufacturing Process of Furniture – Process of Furniture Manufacturing

Manufacturing process of furniture – Every kind of furniture product which is offered with the best design will follow some process of manufacturing which makes it able to afford the necessity of beauty as well as comfort which must be very great requirement of everyone who are expecting for having the furniture which can support [...]

Clean Wood Furniture – Best Way to Clean Wood Furniture

Clean wood furniture – It must become kind of great happiness of life if people are able to live in the house which is beautiful as well as comfortable. For living in a house which is beautiful as well as comfortable, there is no doubt that people have to choose the design which is suitable [...]

Kinds of Wood For Furniture – Choose or Reserve It as You Want

Kinds of wood for furniture  – You can make many raw materials into valuable things, for example iron, copper, brass, silver, nickel, etc. However, do you know what is the flexible-raw material that easily to be created and shaped? The answer is a wood. Long time ago, people use and create this material into many [...]

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Excellent Commodity in The Market

In the trading world, furniture manufacturer has its own fans and potential market that can lead us into a success business. But the competition in this field is quiet competitive. There are huge numbers of manufacturer that run their business in this field, and they are very creative yet. They keep developing their technique, design, [...]

Furniture in the raw – Do It Yourself Furniture

Furniture in the raw Our house is our palace. It is the place where we spend most time of our life, where we welcome our guests and our relatives, and where we share moments with our family, so it is substantial to make our house be as beautiful and as comfortable as it is possible, [...]

Teak Wood Furniture – The Ultimate Quality of Furniture

Teak wood furniture – In our attempt to find the best furniture, we can find a wide variety that we can choose. There is rattan furniture, fiber furniture, bamboo furniture, and there is also wood furniture. The wood furniture itself has several varieties of materials which can differ the quality of the product one another. [...]

How to Finish Furniture – How to Finish Furniture with Melamine

How to Finish Furniture – Melamine, nowdays become one of the types of finishing materials that are widely used by businesses to make the furniture looks beautifully. Melamine chosen as the finishing because of quality of the final results obtained proved better than the other. But the questions is how to finish furniture with melamine [...]

Drying of Timber – Methods Drying of Timber

Drying of  timber is the most important of manufacture furniture. Drying quality achieved by reducing the things make negative effects on the drying process. Drying process may adversely affect the drying timber, handling costs, energy costs, equipment durability, security, distribution of wood, and the determination of the grade that refers to the variability. All of [...]

Furniture Minimalist – What is Guest Seat Furniture Minimalist?

If you include people who are favorite of teak, but you want a minimalist furniture design to decorate the living room in your home, you should choose guest seats from teak without detail carving so the guest seat looks more minimalist. The selection of minimalist guest seats can maintain a simple and practical elements from [...]