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Clean Wood Furniture – How to Clean Wood Furniture

During the transition period, and after, you can clean wood furniture your wood patio furniture looking nice by cleaning it with a mild soap and warm water and rinsing well. It’s ok to use a garden hose to rinse your outdoor wood furniture. Wood Cleaner and Brightener You’ll need some elbow grease and some help [...]

Painting old Furniture- Tutorial for painting old furniture ?

The furniture in your house has become old?  Don’t worry about that,  we have a solution about painting old furniture. This is tutorial for painting old furniture and keeping an old feel to it, with NO sanding and NO stripping. First, Start out using 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, especially if  there’s a durable lacquer [...]

Restoring Furniture – Steps in Restoring Furniture?

Having problems with some old furnitures? Many people face same problem,  they want to restore their old furniture, so it would be nicer looking  in their home.  It was a big surprise to them to find that they really needed to have their furniture restored. Well, that’s  very easy. You can follow these steps ? Step [...]

Wood products – Recovering Wood Products for Reuse and Recycling

 Have you ever  think of how many wood products we use in our lives? From the houses in which we live to the chairs in which we sit, we are in constant use of items made with wood . It’s amazing how many things contain wood products or derivatives from wood.  Most of the items are [...]

Teak garden furniture – Some Considerations When Buying Teak Garden Furniture

You are looking for suitable teak garden furniture for your house? Don’t worry, You just need about 5 minutes to read this article, because there are some considerations that you need to know before buying teak garden furniture and we advise you to follow this guide and ask the retailer plenty of questions before going [...]

Teak Wood – Kinds of Teak Wood Furniture

Maybe, a lot of people have known about teak wood, because this wood has very popular,  both in terms of quality timber and wood fiber texture. But, do you know if the teak  wood actually has some kind of differences. At least, There are three types of teak wood that is commonly used by people. [...]

Indonesia furniture manufacturer – Indonesia is The Best Furniture Manufacturer

We all know that indonesia is a blessed country. Almost everything can be grown here, with all of the abundant of natural recources, no wonder that indonesia is  a rich country. We have everything in this contry, from sea , mining, until abundant forest. Talking about forest, Indonesia has  abundance of teak wood trees and [...]

Outdoor garden furniture – Maximizing Your Yard With Outdoor Garden Furniture

Do you have a big yard in your house and you are still confuse how to use it. Don’t worry about that, because I have the solution. You can place a set of outdoor garden furniture in an area outside of your front house, so that you can spend your spare time in there with [...]

Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers – Knowing About Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

You probably need to know outdoor furniture manufacturers if you want to buy tables and chairs for your garden and patio. It is important to know them because it can be used to measure the quality of the furniture product you will buy. Reliable furniture manufacturer will surely sell high quality products too and prevent  [...]

Outdoor Furniture Ideas – Great Outdoor Furniture Ideas

There are many outdoor furniture ideas that are suitable for your need of great garden design. Your garden should not be left unnoticed and unused. You’d better get some flowers and plant it. Your garden will be a nice place for you and your family if you put some furniture products such as sofa and [...]