There’s question “why we choose teak wood as material of cabinet and buffet?“.  Teak wood is the best quality in any kind of wood. Many furniture manufacturer using teak as main furniture material. But why they choose teak wood? Why not other kind of wood? So, let’s know.

Quality of Teak wood, no doubt, teak is the best quality of wood. This kind of wood can stand up in any condition like rain and hot weather. It’s very hard to be weathered and have huge resistant to termite or any bugs attack.

Cabinet and Buffet

Cabinet and Buffet

Texture, a furniture made with teak wood it will have more durability when we use it. The texture of the wood is smooth. When we touch or stroke it, we can feel how soft the texture.

Structure, beside the smooth texture, teak wood certainly have the strong structure. It caused by the spores of teak are solid make the wood is strong. Although teak wood was strong, it’s easy to cut/saw, this condition make many furniture manufacturer are more prefer to use teak wood.

Production, for the furniture manufacturer, using teak wood is the best way. In the sawmill, teak are easy to cut/saw. It’s strong but malleable, easy to make many shape. When teak become furniture like cabinet and buffet, it would be like a solid construction, of course with correct manufacturing process.

After Production, teak wood known as its long durability. As the high quality of teak wood, it wouldn’t be warped or shrinks in some kind of weather. Very resist to termite or any bugs even not being treated with anti-insect substances. This causing many teak furniture owner really proud with this kind of wood.

After knowing this teak advantages, now we can answer the question. Teak are very definitely strong and durable, in many weather condition. Beside the strong structure, teak has soft texture. But absolutely has best quality of any kind of wood. So, why don’t we choose teak wood now? Contact Us Now!

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