After discuss about Furniture History Part I that showing Neolithic Period and Classical World furniture story. It’s showing a classic story and how simple the furniture from long age ago. Now we will discuss the next part, more history about furniture.

Early Modern Europe
In the middle age, furniture generally was heavy, using oak as it’s material because oak has strength, high resistant to termite and many weather condition. Oak also has high solidity, that make oak furniture hard to warped even in humid condition. At this age, furniture has ornamented with carved design. From eighteenth centuries, furniture designs was growth more rapidly. Most of furniture are following to one nation style like Palladianism, Louis Quinze, and others like Rococo and Neoclassicism were perpetuated throughout Western Europe.

Nineteenth Century
In the nineteenth century known as concurrent revival styles from early modern Europe period. At the end of century, the furniture design introducing Aesthetic movement and The Arts and Crafts movement. Both of movement affecting the Art Nouveau.

Early North American
This period mostly focused on necessity, form, and materials. Both chairs and tables are mostly constructed with turned spindles and chair’s back designed with unique shape using steaming to bend the wood. The wood choices are mostly using hard-wood with particular emphasis on the wood of edible or fruit bearing trees.

Indonesian History

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The tradition of Asian furniture in such country like Indonesia, China, India, Pakistan and some other Asian country has quite distinct history. The furniture are using wood and bamboo as the material. In Indonesia, most of furniture are come from Java. In Java most of furniture are carved as well. Carved furniture are unique with different design each other. Mostly carved furniture are tables, chairs, beds, cupboard and other kind of furniture. Until now carved furniture still having many attention from customers. The carved furniture also has serious competitor like simple furniture. Simple furniture are using carve-less shape. Many furniture manufacturer are interested with this furniture type because it was easy to madeĀ  and it has many order too.

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