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Kinds of Wood For Furniture – Choose or Reserve It as You Want

Kinds of wood for furniture  - You can make many raw materials into valuable things, for example iron, copper, brass, silver, nickel, etc. However, do you know what is the flexible-raw material that easily to be created and shaped? The answer is a wood. Long timeKinds-of-Wood-for-Furniture ago, people use and create this material into many things, such as house, cooking appliance, or working equipments. Besides, if you use this material and apply good treatments, it will be durable for years. The best thing from this material is you can find this material easily because this material will always grow in every season, either dry season or wet season.


Indonesia is the best country

Indonesia becomes the best country where this material can grow well. In the forests, the woods can grow well because many reasons among others the bio geography, the climate, and the soil properties. Those reasons influence the woods that grow in one area. In this case, there are two examples, among others  the peat forests are growing well in the areas that having very wet climate or wet climate, such as on the east cost of Sumatera, several regions in Borneo, and several regions in Papua; or the sandalwood can grow well in the areas that having quite dry of climate or in the areas that having dry climate, such as several regions in Flores or the southesteast in Maluku. In the other side, there are several forests that consist of useful and valuable woods, such as the Teak, the Mahogany, or the Ramin wood. Those woods can grow well in the areas that having dry climate. 


The incredible characteristics

The woods have many functions in this daily needs. Besides, these woods also can be changed and shaped into the valuable things, such as the equipment for households. Almost all the equipments of household are made by the wood, particularly the furniture. However, not all of woods that can be used; except for several woods that can be used and shaped. In this case, there are three woods that become kinds of wood for furniture, among other the Teak, the Mahogany, and the Ramin woods.


These woods have a similar characteristic, namely the height of these woods can reach above 30 meters and their diameter can reach above 1,2 meters. The color of each of them is also interesting, the color of the Teak is yellowish brown, the color of  the Mahogany is dark brown, and the color of the Ramin woods is yellow that can turn into whitish. Based on their characteristics, we can see how beautiful and solid they are. If these woods are kinds of wood for funiture that is not surprising, the prices of the furniture will be expensive. However, there are two advantages if the customers buy this furniture that made by one of these woods among others First, the furniture will be durable, in fact, the age of the furniture can reach annual or decades and Second the customers can get the simplicity when they buy this furniture because it can be cleaned by simple treatments. The last but, not least, you can choose that furniture then buy it or decide to create one

of those woods and shape into your lovely furniture. The turn is yours and you will not dissapointed by selecting one option or both of them!