Behind the high quality of teak, teak has long-straight tree typical. This typical make furniture manufacturer more prefer using teak than other kind of wood. Caused by the straight trunk, teak will be more easy to shape without any other  wasting sawmill activities.

Teak Tree Picture

Teak Tree Picture

Usually teak tree can growth in areas with rainfall of 1500-2000 mm/year and a temperature of 27-36°C both in the lowland or highland. The area is very good for the development of land with teak is PH 4.5 – 7 and not being waterlogged. Teak wood mostly growth in India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indochina, to Java. Teak grows in deciduous forests, which are deciduous in the dry season. Teak wood can be harvested after having 30 year or more age.

Huge, round and straight trunk also 40 meters height with no branches (Clear Bole) at 20 meters. This special things make teak wood more useable and easily shaped. Not like other long-straight typical tree, teak has best quality with resistant of termite, more durable and hard to be weathered. After become furniture, teak can endure many kind of weather condition, of course with right manufacturing treatment.

The leaves are usually large, obovate, faced, with a very short stalk. The leaves on the tree seedlings are large, more or less than 60-70 cm × 80-100 cm, but the old tree reduced to more or less than 15 × 20 cm. Having fluffy and has a glandular hairs on the surface underneath. The young teak leaves are reddish and being blood-red sap when squeezed.

Compound interest in large panicles with 40 cm × 40 cm or greater size, filled several hundred flowers arranged like forked umbrella and are at the end of the branches, away at the top of the tree canopy. Have crown with 6 to 7 pieces, somewhat whitish color, and measuring approximately 8mm.

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