The furniture that we put in our house is more than just decoration. We need the furniture to complete the house and to make our life more comfortable. To get the furniture that is beautiful and durable, we need high quality wood as the material of the furniture. the teak wood  is one of the great choices to create the furniture. However, the furniture can look dull by the time. Do we have to buy the new teak furniture? Is there any chance to vamp the furniture and restore teak furniture?

restore teak

The furniture from teak wood is considered as the best quality furniture. it is true. The teak wood, as one of the hardwood is highly valued when the wood becomes the material of furniture set. The plus point or the advantages of the teak wood furniture is that the teak wood is very durable and strong. That is why we can put the furniture made of teak wood inside the house as indoor furniture as well as outside the house to decorate your patio, your garden or to be put near the swimming pool. Although the furniture from teak wood is durable, the wood can lose its glow and beauty because of the exposure to the extreme temperature, dirt, or simply because it is an old furniture. That is why we have to maintain the beauty of the furniture. You do not have to worry because you can do the simple steps here to restore teak furniture so that it looks brand new.

Restore teak furniture is simple and only need few items such as sandpaper, soft soap, and special polish to make the teak shinning. So, how to start the process to bring the beauty of the teak furniture? First, you can start with cleaning the furniture. Use the soft cloth and soak it in clean water. To remove the dust and the dirt, you can use the wet cloth to wipe the surface of the furniture. Then you have to let the furniture dry completely. The next step is to use the sand paper to polish the surface of the furniture. Use the sandpaper that is suitable for the furniture. If you are not sure which sand paper suitable to polish the furniture, you can buy several types of sandpaper, and then try to polish the part that is hidden. The last step is to apply the last coat or the special polish to bring the natural shine of the furniture and to protect it from the dirt.

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