Teak wood have the best quality than other wood. This caused by it’s strength, durability, and easy to decor. Many order for this teak as this wood was rare in the forest. Now let’s see how unique this kind of wood.

Teak Strip and Plank Dining Table

Teak Strip and Plank Dining Table

1. Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis), can growth until centuries. The height can reach 40-50 meters tall with 1,5-2 meters of diameter.

2. Teak wood will not warped, cracked, or weathered even when it was on a extreme weather. Also it have resistant to termite attack. Note, it can be improved with good maintenance and good factory process.

3. Teak wood has low growth with low germination, usually less than 50%. It makes the process of propagation naturally be difficult so it is not enough to cover the demand for teak.

4. Teak wood have natural oil that counter the wood from water and keep the wood from crack, wrinkles, and broken. This natural oil also protect teak wood from extreme weather.

5. Centuries ago, teak wood used to be material of ships. Because the strength of teak are worth on the water. Not only general ships, there are many warship using teak wood as the material.

6. Teak wood spread from India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indochina, to Java. Teak grows in deciduous forests, which are deciduous in the dry season.

7. With fineness of texture and beauty of the color of the wood, teak wood is classed as a luxury. Therefore, the identity of many processed into garden furniture, interior furniture, handicrafts, panels, and stair-class.

With this facts, now we can understand why teak are being the most wanted wood. Why it have high price and much request order. So, why not, choosing teak wood with it best of the best quality as your furniture, or other kind of wood?

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