Teak wood is the most famous teak of the centuries. If we compare teak wood with other furniture subtance, teak wood is the best of it. So, what makes the teak wood expensive is simple. Actually teak wood need long age to growth and can be harvested. It need more than 10 years to be worthy to harvested. Most of teak wood are grow in south and southeast asia, mainly in Indonesia, India, Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia.



In case if we compare with other wood which have the same growth time, teak wood still being the favourite. It’s because teak wood have strength, quality, durable, and decorative value. Also for the teak wood manufacturer, the process of making furniture from teak wood is simple and easy. But the point is on the quality, because it is not compareable with other kind of wood.

Discuss about quality, this is what made the teak wood is expensive:

1. The Strength, teak wood is proven as strong wood. Resist to extreme condition like rain and hot weather, at this point teak wood can be placed at indoor and outdoor with many conditions. And it make furniture manufacturer more prefer to use teak wood than other wood.

2. Durable, teak wood known as its durability. It’s hard to be eaten by termites or other insects. If the teak wood was on a humid place, it’s hard to be weathered, even it wasn’t preserved first. This durable will not found on any other kind of wood.

3. Decorative Value, many furniture manufacturer are most prefered to use teak wood as the material. Because it’s more easy to shape more than other kind of wood.

With these point, teak wood are equal to an expensive price and make this wood as the most wanted wood. But the result is a imbalance between wood and request order, and caused teak wood more rare in the forest.

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