During the transition period, and after, you can clean wood furniture your wood patio furniture looking nice by cleaning it with a mild soap and warm water and rinsing well. It’s ok to use a garden hose to rinse your outdoor wood furniture.

Wood Cleaner and Brightener
You’ll need some elbow grease and some help from some Cleaning Aids that can be used to remove the silver gray weathered look and any other stains. After you clean  wood furniture, you can use teak brightener to enhance the appearance of your wood furniture.

Tung Oil and Teak Oil for Natural Brown Finish
To clean wood Furniture, Applying Teak Oil or Tung Oil will preserve the warm brown wood furniture color. You should use several applications of either teak oil or tung oil for maximum protection and good appearance. Tung oil, which is known as 100% tung oil, is pure and somewhat thick.
Tung oil quite often is thinned with solvents to make it easier to work with and to make it soak into the wood better. Tung oil that has added ingredients are generally called tung oil finish or some other term other than 100% tung oil.

Easy Cleaning
Care is very easy, just wipe with a damp cloth and then buff with a soft, dry cloth. Sometimes your furniture will get just a little dirtier than a damp cloth will clean, then it’s time to use a Furniture Cleaner that is good to clean wood furniture, whether it’s your outdoor furniture or delicate antiques. As with all chemicals be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot to be sure the cleaner is compatible with your finish.

Repair Scratches and Mars
Scratches and minor mars are easy to repair. Just apply another coat of teak oil or tung oil. If you can feel an indent when you lightly run a finger nail over a scratch, then you should lightly sand the scratch, then the whole connected surface with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper, then apply another coat or two of oil.

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