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Dining rooms set - If your home is a bit boring, things that you need to do is set it back. So, that people at home to be more at ease. Space that needs to be laid out of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining rooms that are essential set.

This time we will discuss about the dining rooms set, this space is always adorn our homes everyday, where we gather with family to cure hunger. In addition to the delicious cuisine of things you can do to increase the appetite to re-arrange the dining room

Cangkuang dining rooms set is designed elegant as a perfect choice for this occasion,Collapsible designed thus make it easier use


Cangkuang Dining Rooms Set
EXT 0805  Extention Table

Size 1600/2100 x 1000 x 780

Cbm 0.3140


Cangkuang Dining Rooms Set
FSC 05-003 Folding Side Chair

Size 460 x 650 x 925

Cbm 0.0761


Cangkuang dining rooms set

20 ” = 60 Set

40″ = 132 Set

40″ = 145 Set

Name:Cangkuang Dining Rooms Set
Code:Dining rooms set , EXT 0805 : Extention Table , FSC 05-003 : Folding Side Chair
Wood Grade:New Teak
Size (WDH):Extention Table : 160/210 x 100 x 78 , Folding Side Chair : 46 x 65 x 92.5
20ft : 60
40ft : 132
40ftHC : 145